Smile Republic

To create a visual identity for all online materials from Smile Republic. We needed to make all materials very consistent and cohesive between them and to enhance the product image on the layouts. The main goal were to ensure the brand and product recognizability by its all followers.


Smile Republic is an online company that provides a natural whitening teeth product to be use at home.



The project was made with the SR marketing team in order to achieve the best result, that means, the increase of sales and brand recognition by the consumers.

The company has as the main communication channel, the Instagram account, and their strategy is to have inspirational pictures on its feed. So the layouts that I present here were used as ads or temporal posts in order to reinforce the sales or to spread a new campaign.

All the products pictures were made (photographed) and manipulated by me to fit perfectly the layout. As were the icons and every brand guideline on this project.