Nanny Network

To create a visual identity for an online company that provides childcare service. The company had only the logo and needed a visual identity guide to building the new website. 


Nanny Network is an online community of childcare in London. It’s a platform that connects the best nannies in town to families that are looking for a childcare service. 


The first and most important phase was to understand the Nanny Network company. What they do, how and why. The founders had an intense dedication for each detail and it was possible to know the nannies selection process, the parent’s motivations when choosing Nanny Network, the logistic and back-end solution for the website.

The visual identity was created based on the London lifestyle, representing parks, people and Londoners habits. Considering that the target is the parents, the design was made with an adult approach, using light compositions and a clear layout. All illustrations were made in order to enhance the service information and to build a nice user experience.

In the end, we got a completely new visual identity and an awesome website.

See the work here: nanny.network