A Catalan family company that already exists for 3 generations decided to open their businesses to the European market and, for that, they needed a branding project to create everything from scratch. Because they were always working for and with their own family, they didn’t have a company name, logo or any other graphics resource. The big challenge was to translate the family essence into a business visual identity.


Holos is a Greek word that means “altogether” and it has the deep meaning of the group is more than the sum of each individual. Being a family office, the most important point for the Montagut family is to work together and to make the legacy perpetuate.


The project started by interviewing the client and doing a lot of branding exercises with them. All the process were about exchanging knowledge and experience until we get the essence of the brand.

After having the essence defined we start the naming process. Lists and lists of name organized by category were made, and in the end, the brand essence defined the best name option.

As the last phase, we created the logo and all visual identity for Holos. The logo represents the family legacy, the genealogic tree that symbolizes from where they came from and what they are building and nurturing now for the next generation.