Anestesia do Bem

The client came to me with a great service (through an app idea) and they needed the logo, visual identity, stationary material and a template for the new app. The main challenge was to transform the pre-image of dental anesthesia (pain) in a good and caring perception.


Anestesia do Bem (“Good Anesthesia”) is a startup created by three students from Rio de Janeiro. They provide through an app the assistance and guidance for dental students and professionals to apply anesthesias in a more effective way. It’s a new, fresh and simple innovation to be used in the daily life of dental professionals.


The first step in this project was to research about the dental subject, to understand the meaning of the dental anesthesia for the professionals and for the patients. Besides the dentist having a trick and feared image in most people head, we found out in this project a lot of love and care to start from the professionals.

Everything was designed considering that the brand would appear more in digital medias. For that reason, the UI/UX process for the app template was made in parallel to the visual identity development, to guarantee that the brand guidelines would work good in the app.

It had to be modern, simple, with a pinch of tech and a lot of love.