To create a visual identity for a 3D design and rendering online platform brand. The company had only the logo and needed a visual identity guide to guarantee the brand consistency throughout all materials to be created and developed.


2Shapes is a cloud service that enables the work with all 3D models in secure and collaborative workspaces.


The first stage of the project was to understand the client’s objectives and the operation of the software. After meetings, exchanging references and testing the software, we defined together the brand essence and its visual personality. After this, it was possible to start the creation phase. The visual identity encompassed the logo use and applications, layout compositions, typography, text hierarchy, colors pallet, and images style. 
While creating the visual identity, the homepage for the website was being designed too — this helped a lot to test all graphic elements and to validate all rules for the brand guide. After that, others materials were made: website pages, email marketing template, presentation template and corporative stationary.
See the work here: www.2shapes.com